Firriato Hospitality

Wine experience

The Firriato Calamoni Estate opens its doors to a wine experience that its guests will not forget.

At our wine experience, it is as though Favignana has opened its butterfly wings and brought its characteristic features to the glass: the sea, the light sea breeze but above all the 5 hectares of organically managed vineyard—which takes the benefits that render it unique from the sea.

We have created a real emotional journey in the only vineyard in the Egadi islands for you. It is an opportunity reserved for those who wish to get to know a terroir with very particular characteristics.


Walking among the vineyard rows you will feel the presence of the Neptune grass and with a bit of attention you will uncover marine fossils in the furrows of earth. These features alone would suffice the definition of the Favignana wine experience as moving, but for real enthusiasts the emotion will continue in the company of the business’ agronomists who will tell you about the secrets of this vineyard that is dedicated to enhancing native vine varieties. And, in fact, it is between the rows of  Perricone and Nero d’Avola or even those of Zibibbo and Grillo that you can discover the evolution of these precious vines in an area that no longer has a recollection of viticulture. For more than a century, in fact, vines disappeared from the Egadi islands and only with the replanting at Calamoni has this precious heritage been returned to the island.

During the wine experience Favignana will fill your glasses with wines from the Favinia range: from Favinia La Muciara a blend of Grillo Catarratto and Zibibbo grapes to Favinia Le Sciabiche a blend of Perricone and Nero d’Avola finally arriving at Favinia Passulé a passito wine with extraordinary scents from the Zibibbo grape cultivated at the sea shore.

To book the Favignana wine experience , allowing at least 15 days’ notice, email: