Firriato Hospitality



The clear sea, the calm, the intense flavours—the island of Favignana, just a few kilometres off the Trapani coast, is the epitome of an authentic Sicilian holiday.

The island of Favignana is known as the “farfalla” (butterfly) of the Egadi islands due to its shape. Its ancient name of Aegusa underlines this characteristic, while its current name derives from the Favonio (foehn) wind which blows in from the west, facilitating the mild climate on the island.

It is here, in this small yet great pearl of Sicily, that we have opened our apartments dedicated to high class hospitality, in line with the taste and style which distinguish Firriato.

From our apartments Favignana is displayed in all its flagrant splendour, while the gentle sea breeze from the Calamoni reef refreshes your stay.

Firriato decided to locate their apartments in this open area on the central southern slope to guarantee you stays dedicated to comfort and charm.

The Firriato apartments have been obtained from a skilful restoration of antique island buildings. They are testimony of the harmonious dialogue between their contemporary architecture and the island’s history. Tradition is reflected in the furnishings, where the white stone goes side by side with fine wood.

The facility, consisting of a large villa and four apartments charmingly rich in details that recall the Mediterranean style, is completely surrounded by the 5 hectares of Firriato vineyard.

The Calamoni apartments are the ideal destination to set out on the discovery of the island’s beauty, by bike, on foot, or by taking part in the September grape harvest tour in the company of the Firriato grape-growers—an enchanting experience in the only vineyard in the Egadi archipelago.

The whole of the Firriato wine range is available in the Calamoni wine shop, including the Exclusive line with the three labels produced on Favignana.

The wine bar, on the other hand, offers the possibility to sample a glass of wine from the Firriato family at sunset, while your gaze is captivated by the breath-taking marine panorama of the Calamoni reef.