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Favignana Island

A journey to Favignana island allows you to combine, sun, sea, relaxation, and history. All the appeal of Sicily is concentrated in the space of a few kilometres

Travelling around the island, you chance upon secret coves that open up between the rocks and leave you breathless with their beauty and the light reflecting on the sea water. Favignana has an intimate atmosphere and at sunset it is enjoyable to wind up in the piazza for an aperitif in one of the many little bars in the town centre. Here, you can taste the genuine flavours that recall the culinary traditions.

The island of Favignana is ideally divided in two parts from Santa Caterina mountain, on the summit of which stands the majestic Norman era castle.

The island is characterised by a whole series of terraced rocks and small coves, like Cala Azzurra and Cala Rossa which are famous the world over for their clear sea water and white sand and rocks. And then there is the Bue Marino beach, a hidden treasure that is reached only by walking along a small path, and the ancient white stone quarries, which at one time were one of the island’s main resources together with the tuna industry.

In fact, before tourism, the sea was for a long period a precious resource, and fishing represented the mainstay of Favignana’s economy for a long time. It has left a significant mark on the flavours of the island. The Ex Stabilimento (the name given to the old tuna fish factory), which today has been converted into a museum centre, represents one of the best examples of restoration of an old ‘tonnara’ (antique tuna fish factory). A perfect renovation it now houses the only museum in the world dedicated to the ‘mattanza’ (the old practice of tuna catching and slaughter which was tradition here). The large building conserves to this day all the relics of its glorious past, such as boats, but also tins, tanks, and its chimneys. It’s an unmissable stop for anyone visiting the island