Firriato Hospitality

The Vineyards

Firriato’s Calamoni Estate is on the central-southern slope of the island of Favignana, just a few metres from the Mediterranean Sea.

We have worked for years towards producing of some of our most prestigious wines in this location. Here, guests will wake in the morning to the seagulls’ chorus and drift off to sleep at night to the sound of the waves and the scent of the sea air. Looking out from the apartment windows, your gaze will be captivated by the beauty of the thriving vineyards which surround the estate.

Along the 5 hectares of our vineyards, a genuine, flourishing Favignana is presented—from its past, with the traditional dry stone walls which divide the land, to its present in an accommodation facility designed for well-being.

Staying at Calamoni means being part an original experience in close contact with the men of Firriato who tend to our land. A land that you will discover is unique, marine, made up of fossil and emerged land mass and rendered saline by the Neptune grass. In the course of your walks, you will not be able to miss the fossilised shells which inhabit our vineyards.

The sea: this is the determining factor for the cultivation and agronomic management choices in the vineyard. The sea distinguishes the Calamoni estate from all others. Here, Favignana proves to be the true spirit of the vineyard, starting with the microclimate that characterises the island and significantly influences the vineyard’s production cycle.

The island has left its mark on our vineyard: the soil composition, the presence of salt water just two metres below the soil surface, the effect of the wind, and the temperature range between night and day make this productive area a perfect example of heroic vine growing. This same location makes us proud of our choices and the work we do. It is here that every year, during the grape harvest, crowds of curious onlookers gather together who watch the ritual of the harvest and the transport of the grapes to the winery.