Firriato Hospitality

History and Tradition

The island of Favignana is not only the largest of the Egadi Islands but is also a place of priceless historical and cultural heritage, making it an unmissable destination for travellers coming to western Sicily.

What really hits you about the island is its clear blue sea, breath-taking coves, and ancient buildings that recall a glorious past linked to fishing and the business of tuna working and preservation.

The Firriato hospitality apartments are situated here, in this pearl of Sicily, just a few metres from the Calamoni reef.

Staying in the Calamoni apartments means coming into direct contact with Favignana and its charm—a place of absolute relaxation, between the sea and the only vineyard present on the Egadi islands. The apartments are Mediterranean-style buildings that integrate seamlessly into the landscape, without altering the authentic beauty of the island.

The best way to discover Favignana is by riding around it by bike—leaving directly from the Calamoni apartments.

Then there is the grape harvest that arouses the curiosity of the island’s inhabitants and the many tourists present on the island with its rituals. Every year, at the first light of dawn in September, the men of Firriato pick the estate’s grapes by hand and carefully arrange them in natural wooden crates to be loaded onto small boats. You can see them leave for the Trapani winery from the Calamoni reefs, and if you book you can take part in our grape harvest tour of the estate.

By staying at the Calamoni apartments on Favignana you can be part of these rituals and the island’s vitality